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August 3, 2011 11:58 pm


Anonymous: Your vagina haves nothing to do with gaming.

Well, no kidding. Neither does a penis, but those who have them just seem to matter a whole lot more to the video game industry.

I mean, come on. Everyone knows! It’s common knowledge that the video game industry is still mostly concerned with the target audience of males aged 15 - 30. No person that is actually aware of what’s going on in the industry can actually argue that ladies are equally- or well-represented in video games: there just aren’t that many strong, likeable female characters, and those few we get are always in danger of being “Barbied” (we used to have Samus until Other M came along). Of those few characters, I certainly can’t think of too many that aren’t considered the textbook definition of “attractive” or “sexy”, and even less that are lead characters in their stories. Would Tomb Raider have become the huge money-making franchise that it was if Lara Croft wasn’t supermodel hot with an English accent?

Let’s face it: even nowadays, games made with females as their target audience specifically are targeting middle-aged women with kids that are concerned with their weight but don’t have time to go to the gym. Or little girls with pink DSes playing with virtual puppies or some cheaply made Hannah Montana dance-off by some no-name production company that can churn out moneymakers quickly. And those games are, without a doubt, lame.

I really do feel like things are getting better in the gaming industry and definitely in gaming culture, but I think things are progressing much slower in the industry than ladies would like. I remember growing up reading my gaming magazines - I had subscriptions to quite a few different ones as a kid - and silently seething at some sexist comments in the magazines when they’d pop up, as if they’d completely forgotten that girls read them too. I feel like not too much has changed: why do guys still think it’s extraordinary that I like to play video games? I’ve been playing since I was five years old!

Obviously you like GamerCat, but I think you misunderstood my question. I was simply asking her why GamerCat isn’t female if he represents the “repressed gamer side” of his female creator. I wasn’t - in any way - trying to get her to go all political and shit. I think her response was not only satisfying, but super cute and well executed. I completely squee’d when I saw it and was super honored that she drew a comic just to answer my question!

Finally, mad props for making your snide (and pretty sexist… did you have to be so crass as to mention female anatomy?) comment anonymously. Way to avoid any backlash from the bazillionty people that would read this and retaliate by flooding your blog with angry replies.

And it’s “has nothing to do with gaming”. Just sayin’.

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